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Anti-counterfeit solution

Counterfeiting stands for 10% of the world market in the perfume and cosmetic sector *.

We have developed a tracing and marking solution for injected or extruded parts to help fight against this constantly evolving scourge.

Our thermoplastic compound is made up of particles that enable a unique molecular tracing to be carried out amongst several million codes (similar to DNA). They are integrated during the production phase and carry no negative effects on the performance of the finished product.

Invisible to the naked eye, the marking is identifiable in your chosen colour by simply passing the product under a ultra-violet light.

Anti-counterfeit solution NEXTIS

( * source : étude UNIFAB, 2003 )

Nextprint marking

Laser mono- and quadri-colour marking NEXTPRINT on thermoplastic materials has been developed by our R and D team in collaboration with our different partners, this technique creates many possibilities :


  • Inert marking
  • Holds when immersed in liquids, alcohol, perfumes and is shock resistant
  • Solvent-free
  • Does not migrate
  • Resists to high temperatures (+/- 100°C in mono-colour and +/- 45°C in quadri-colour)
  • 360° marking, horizontal, angled, vertical, ...
  • Continuous, alternating marking on several sides and in different colours
  • High definition reproduction

Extruded tube

- Creation of a new anti-static spiral tube corresponding to the Breathable Air standard « NF EN 14594 » .

- Development of a new multi-lumen medical tube that can be of different diameters at the ends. The tube diameter whilst being extruded can go from 8mm to 4mm over a distance of about 120mm. An innovative and highly technical process.

Extruded tube

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